18+ Cute Pets Who Naild At Cosplay

Watch these Cute pets  Who Naild in Cosplays In recent years, it's become increasingly popular for doting pet owners to dress up ... coat, all pet fashion is really pet cosplay, so why not dress your cat or dog up like a Star war Character ?


How Gadgets Changed Through Time

There is no doubt that kids today are growing up in a world entirely different than the one we grew up in. Much of that difference can be seen through technology and the incredible toys and gadgets we have been seen only in sci-fi movies. It seems odd that in the course of a couple of decades some aspect of our life can change as much as toys did, but the truth is that every generation had their own revolutions, our parents did not have mobile phones, our grandparents did not have a TV, and so on. Now, let us see, what is actually so different about toys then and now.
Tamagotchi vs. Pou
Tamagotchi vs. Pou
Remember Tamagotchi, a small gadget every child wanted to have in the end of the ‘90s and at the beginning of the ‘00s? It was a handled digital pet housed in small egg-shaped computer (the size of a keychain) with a simple interface of three buttons. The pet was an alien species sent on Earth in an egg, and the player was supposed to raise the egg until its grown stadium. The creature goes through several stadiums, where a player should feed and take care of it. To those of you born after 2000, it is the predecessor of today’s famous Android app Pou. Basically, Pou is the same as Tamagotchi, with the possibility of using a touch screen instead of buttons, better interface and various mini games included.
Nintendo 64 vs. Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo 64 vs. Nintendo Wii U

Honorable mentions go to Sega and Sony, but in the mid ‘90s Nintendo was two steps ahead and launched the most advanced gaming system seen in those years. Super Mario 64 still sits on the throne for the most revolutionary 3D game ever, and we could only imagine that the future brings great things for Nintendo. And in 2006 with the first Nintendo Wii, we could get a glance of it, while in 2012 with Wii U with its incredible ability to track movements practically real-time and support various video services and apps.
Skateboard vs. Hoverboard
Skateboard vs. Hoverboard

During the ‘90s and ‘00s, there was an entire skateboard culture, which spread beyond riding the skate all the way to fashion). Back then if you owned a skate, you were “the cool kid” in the neighborhood, and if you could ride it with a couple of stunts – well, you were a God. The second part of the franchise Back to the future, presented us incredible technologies expected in 2015, and though we all wanted those self-lacing shoes, we have even more craved for the flying skateboard. Kids of today can rejoice, because they have a similar thing – a hoverboard-like Segway device, which allows them to experience almost levitating on a self-balancing two wheeled gadget. Wow!
Poo-Chi vs. Ubooly

Poo-Chi vs. Ubooly

The first extremely popular toy with some sort of sensors was Firby, but when Poo-Chi the robotic dog came into the picture everything has changed. The toy could walk, sit up, lie down and even display emotions by changing LED eyes. Today there is a plentitude of toys that carried on the Poo-Chi tradition, but Ubooly is the cutest one. It is a plush toy with iPhone or iPod Touch compartment. It takes only to activate the Ubooly app, and its face will appear on the screen. Ubooly can be constantly updated with new jokes, stories, songs and games, so it can constantly keep the kids entertained.
It is true that toys have changed, and they will keep on changing, but the basic goals remain the same: to entertain, to educate and to develop skills.

Cuteness 101: Kids and Their Pets

Having a pet by your kids’ side while they are growing up is a true blessing for many reasons, and the most important of them is certainly the fact that they will have best friends no matter what. It’s high time you got your own ball of fur if you already haven’t, so check out our list and see why kids and pets are so adorable together.

  • Costume Party on Point

Is there anything cuter than kids preparing for a costume party together with their pets? We don’t think so! Including furry friends in every aspect of their lives, including this one, can be highly beneficial for both children and animals, so what are you waiting for? Possibilities are indeed infinite, starting from Harry Potter and Fluffy, the three-headed doggy, over Superman vs. Batman craze, to beautiful Elsa and her faithful companion Olaf. Cuteness overload at its finest!

Kids and Their Pets - Costume Party

  • Travelling All Around the World

Who says that pets can’t be true travelling buddies during a road trip? Trust us, your kids will be thrilled to explore and indulge in some new adventures with their favourite fluff balls, so give your best and make it happen! Really, is there anything more adorable than a picture of your dog that sticks through the car window, with his tongue out and his ears flying around, together with your kid who tries to do exactly the same thing? One thing is sure – they will connect even more during the trip, and become inseparable. Best friends do that, right?

Travelling with dog

  • Best Buddies for Life

Allowing children to have pets from an early age will largely contribute to forming their personalities and becoming responsible and thoughtful adults. Kids who grow up with at least one pet usually grow up to be caring about other people and animals in general, which is exactly why parents should introduce them into children’s lives as soon as possible. If you give them a pet, you can be sure that they will have faithful and loyal buddies for a lifetime – and that will create an unbreakable bond between them.

Playing and Learning with dog

  • Playing and Learning Together

One more aspect of pet lovers’ lives includes playing and learning together with their favourite fur balls, and that is truly priceless. Seriously, who can help your kid explore those puddles after rain better than your dog? See that mud right in front your house? Don’t be surprised when you see your kids covered in it from head to toe, together with their partner in crime, with an “It wasn’t me!” expression on their faces. Besides these entertaining activities, you can be sure that your kids will learn about the eating habits of their pets, so make sure that you introduce them with that part of having a pet, too. You can teach kids to feed their pets, give them treats and bravecto treatments, which will make the bond between them even more unbreakable.

As you can see, children and their pets really can be best friends for a lifetime. The fact that an animal is truly a big commitment makes it even more important, simply because that will teach your kids to be more responsible and caring towards other animals and human beings. Besides being their friends, pets are also children’s teachers, so don’t wait any longer and get one for your kids. You won’t regret it!

Turn History into Fun and Excitement

We have all heard the saying history is important, and defines our times. But, how much are cobwebs, dusty old books, dates and grumpy old men really fun? Well… Not so much.

However, once you take out the dates, and grumpy old men, and focus your attention on history that you find interesting and that’s really important it can really be fun and exciting. And if you add an awesome way of learning into the equation, stepping back in time can be a real mind-blowing experience for just about anyone!

Define Your Interests about History

What makes your buttons tick? What are your interests? History has it all! If your fall under music, fashion, art, sports, even something as specific as video games, or mundane as everyday life, history covers all those aspects of life. Also, some periods are more fascinating than others, so brushing up on each one can let you discover the period that tingles your imagination.

Finally, try and focus on what really matters. Boring men, events and dates are not what makes history great, but the impact they and it had on the contemporary world.

Read and Listen to History

Have you noticed how modern pop culture draws its inspiration from history? Finding this fusion of contemporary and ancient, you might want to create a book club. Exploring history through fiction and non-fiction, can be a fascinating way of exploring different tales, emotions and experiences both real, and inspired by important events.

The same goes with music. Not only does each period has its own soundtrack, but pop songs also draw themes from historical events and people.

A New Video Approach

When in doubt about how much history can be fun and interesting, turn to YouTube. Shows that incorporate historical facts like Epic Rap Battles of History, are spectacularly engaging and hysterical ways of learning history. Featuring important historical figures dissing each other on the mic – what’s cooler than that?

But there are also shows like Crash Course in World History, that in just 10 minutes give you the importance of historical events, with a few dates, but also their impact on today’s world, as well.

Play Around with History

If you’re a gamer, there is no better way of falling for history than through a great game. Learning about Greek mythology and history as a child, there is no better way than enjoying an interactive historical learning game like CRYPTIds

On the other hand, older gamers will adore spying around on medieval warlords and bishops in the Assassin’s Creed series, while others may like being on the front line in Normandy with Call of Duty. Your love of games just might spark a thirst for knowledge and get you interested in the stories behind the game.

History Field Trip

History is also a tangible thing, and going to a museum can be your chance to see history with your own eyes. Listen to your guide and the stories behind the weapons, clothes, books, and everyday objects, will unleash your imagination and make history come alive.

Also, go to your grandparents. There’s nothing better than hearing about history from someone who was actually there, and how major historical events affected their lives. You can also learn about your family through the ages, and even get a chance to dress up in some original clothes from that time.

History + Parties = Fun!

Party up with history! When talking about dressing up, there is no better way to experience something fun and exciting like making a history-themed party. You can read up on the different styles, foods, and drinks of the period and party in a number of ways. Not only that, but come next Halloween you will have an amazing costume which everyone will love.

At the end of the day history is embedded into everything around you, all you need to do is to look towards a different and novel way of looking it. Once you come up with your own personal view of history, you will definitely establish a fun and exciting relationship that will amaze you each time.

The Toys (Hi)Story

For ages, dolls were favorite toy selection among the girls, while boy’s choice was balls or marbles. Over the time, both, the children’s choice and the toys have changed.  It is an undeniable fact that the toys have developed throughout history, and here is a brief story about that.

There are some beliefs that the yo-yo is one of the oldest toys that still exist today and that it was created 1000 years BC. It was primarily created as a weapon for hunting. Personally, I don’t see how a yo-yo can be used as an effective hunting tool, although people throughout history were convinced that the first purpose of the yo-yo was to be used as a weapon.

Of course, children were playing with toys long before the yo-yo was invented. In tribal societies, girls were making dolls (strange looking dolls) and the boys were making and playing with bows and arrows. Children were playing with the mud, twigs and stones and they were making little houses and animal figures. A reflection of the original understanding of play and toys can be seen today: in addition to so many pricy action figures and video games, many kids still prefer to play in sand and mud.

If you were a kid in ancient Greece and you wanted to play ball, you would have to do that with an inflated pig bladder. Inflated pig bladder as a toy, was "popular" among some kids even in the 20th century.

Development of the toys that resemble today's toys we tie to the medieval Ages. During that period, first dolls that look cute appeared; also kids of that period played with animal figurines, board games, hoops, kites, etc ... Cup and ball was as popular in the middle ages as the Playstation and Wii are today.

The 20th century, especially its second half, is characterized by a huge technological development that had a great impact on a toy industry. Consumer society, the cult of Christmas gifts and Santa Claus combined with modern technological achievements, whose typical products are video games and computers, has led toys to a place that earlier generations couldn’t even dream of.

Cheap plastic, metal and electricity of the 20th century, have brought us toy’s “all stars” like: Lego, skateboard, Mr. Potato Head, Barbie doll, Action Man, Roller blades, Rubik's cube, Slinky and many more.

With more access to technology and digital devices than ever before, children of the 21st century are savvy, sophisticated and tech-oriented, and their toys are too. Technology affects not only the fact that toys are more sophisticated but they are becoming increasingly more available. You can find any toy you want online at any time, order it, and in a few days it will be at the address you choose.

The appearance of today's toys is far advanced, not only in comparison to the Middle Ages, but also to the 20th century. For example, I'm a huge Super Mario fan and I collect everything: Super Mario games, t-shirts, figures, key chains, etc ... When I compare today's Super Mario figures (check out Davey Boys Toys, for example) with those made in 1990's, figures from 20th century looks like they have been made by a trained Labrador compared to these made in the past couple of years.

As far as the toy development is in question, it should be noted that, despite technological progress, mud, sand, balls and dolls throughout history have always found their way on the list of the top 10 favorite toys.


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