Love to Eat Ice Cream Cone in winter (Reasons)

Love to Eat Ice Cream Cone in winter Reasons

I love to eat ice creams in winter do you wanna know why ? hmm ok lets talk about it.

Reasons Why I Eat Ice Creams In Winter

1. There is no chance of melting and drip over everything when i am out side  :p
2. it soothe my sore throat from that terrible cold. ;)
3.The Cinemas isn't the same if i don't have my favorite flavor big tub of ice creams 
4.When i am get far too warm by fire or my room heater. I need something too cool me down
5. if i had a bad day then its time to ice cream.
6.You burn calories faster when you're cold and ice cream make faster your metabolism.
7. lastly there is no queue at the ice creams stands and always have a stock :) 

So.. now its your turn to tell me the reasons why you eat ice creams in winter i am waiting for your comments below and don;t forget to share :)