Turn History into Fun and Excitement

We have all heard the saying history is important, and defines our times. But, how much are cobwebs, dusty old books, dates and grumpy old men really fun? Well… Not so much.

However, once you take out the dates, and grumpy old men, and focus your attention on history that you find interesting and that’s really important it can really be fun and exciting. And if you add an awesome way of learning into the equation, stepping back in time can be a real mind-blowing experience for just about anyone!

Define Your Interests about History

What makes your buttons tick? What are your interests? History has it all! If your fall under music, fashion, art, sports, even something as specific as video games, or mundane as everyday life, history covers all those aspects of life. Also, some periods are more fascinating than others, so brushing up on each one can let you discover the period that tingles your imagination.

Finally, try and focus on what really matters. Boring men, events and dates are not what makes history great, but the impact they and it had on the contemporary world.

Read and Listen to History

Have you noticed how modern pop culture draws its inspiration from history? Finding this fusion of contemporary and ancient, you might want to create a book club. Exploring history through fiction and non-fiction, can be a fascinating way of exploring different tales, emotions and experiences both real, and inspired by important events.

The same goes with music. Not only does each period has its own soundtrack, but pop songs also draw themes from historical events and people.

A New Video Approach

When in doubt about how much history can be fun and interesting, turn to YouTube. Shows that incorporate historical facts like Epic Rap Battles of History, are spectacularly engaging and hysterical ways of learning history. Featuring important historical figures dissing each other on the mic – what’s cooler than that?

But there are also shows like Crash Course in World History, that in just 10 minutes give you the importance of historical events, with a few dates, but also their impact on today’s world, as well.

Play Around with History

If you’re a gamer, there is no better way of falling for history than through a great game. Learning about Greek mythology and history as a child, there is no better way than enjoying an interactive historical learning game like CRYPTIds

On the other hand, older gamers will adore spying around on medieval warlords and bishops in the Assassin’s Creed series, while others may like being on the front line in Normandy with Call of Duty. Your love of games just might spark a thirst for knowledge and get you interested in the stories behind the game.

History Field Trip

History is also a tangible thing, and going to a museum can be your chance to see history with your own eyes. Listen to your guide and the stories behind the weapons, clothes, books, and everyday objects, will unleash your imagination and make history come alive.

Also, go to your grandparents. There’s nothing better than hearing about history from someone who was actually there, and how major historical events affected their lives. You can also learn about your family through the ages, and even get a chance to dress up in some original clothes from that time.

History + Parties = Fun!

Party up with history! When talking about dressing up, there is no better way to experience something fun and exciting like making a history-themed party. You can read up on the different styles, foods, and drinks of the period and party in a number of ways. Not only that, but come next Halloween you will have an amazing costume which everyone will love.

At the end of the day history is embedded into everything around you, all you need to do is to look towards a different and novel way of looking it. Once you come up with your own personal view of history, you will definitely establish a fun and exciting relationship that will amaze you each time.